Company Profile

ORBEX GOLD was established in the year 2013 located in Dubai (The City of Gold). The ownership is shared by Ahmad Asmar, Abdallah Asmar and Abdallah Abbas.

Orbex Gold have highly skilled management team and experienced professionals in various field like Administration, Sales, Marketing, Accounts and Compliance. As a team we work hard to ensure that the quality of our customers should be identical.

Since the company started we value our customer giving them high end to end services, the most trustable and stress-free trading company in Dubai, we assists our customer to do physical trading of gold, silver and recycled gold by 9 hour 6 days in a week and our dealing office works 24 hours 5 days.

Our company maintain a high standard and ethical value when it come for business, we strictly follow the rules and regulation of OECD and LBMA and we deal only those who abide law with high ethical reputation, to sustain our standard we framed a robust compliance, anti-money laundering and a keen supply chain policy.

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